Brock CPA: Bringing Your Accounting Needs Together

Welcome to Brock CPA, a full-service certified public accountant located in downtown Jacksonville FL. Our firm is dedicated to being a preeminent accounting provider and partner to businesses and individuals seeking a relationship-based, consultative approach to tax & accounting, estate & trust planning, and business advisory needs.

We are honored to embrace the role of advocate and guide for clients. We listen to your needs and actively look ahead to develop strategies to help you make decisions that will be beneficial to you, your family and your business.

We believe in teamwork and working together with your attorneys and investment professionals to best serve you. After all, “Bringing It All Together” is what we do best.

Daniel Brock CPA
Why Do I need a CPA?
The Internal Revenue Code and income tax returns can be complex and dizzying at times. A CPA can help you understand what applies to you and your situation while helping you look to the future. Your CPA can assist you to minimize your tax liability and help chart the path to financial success for you and your family.

Whether you are operating or considering starting a business, evaluating investment opportunities, starting a family and so much more, a CPA helps you navigate the challenges and decisions you will face every step of the way.

In addition to guiding you to make the best financial decisions for the future of your family or your business, your CPA will also represent you in the unlikely event that the IRS asks questions about your return.

A CPA is not just a number cruncher and tax preparer, we are business and financial strategists that can help you manage your resources and wade through the complex and ever-changing tax laws to maximize and reach your financial goals.

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