Estate, Trust & Succession Planning

Brock CPA will help provide peace of mind as you prepare for the future and the transfer of your estate, assets or business to your beneficiaries. We work together with attorneys, investment professionals, insurance brokers and appraisers as we move through the complex process of creating a plan for a smooth transition to the next generation. Having an estate plan in place can save your family lots of money, time and heartache.

Our firm will listen to your goals and objectives as we assist with the creation of your estate plan. We focus on minimizing or eliminating your estate tax liability, along with concentrating on the details including your family dynamics and business succession concerns as we create a strategic and effective plan for your business, your estate and your assets.

If you have a previous plan in place, we can analyze and look at future income and estate tax consequences. We work with you to ensure your beneficiaries and the charitable causes you support will receive the intended inheritance with a minimum of estate and gift tax liability.

Our firm has a depth of experience with the succession planning of your family business. This can be a very sensitive area to discuss and family dynamics can come into play. Developing and implementing a well-defined succession plan is essential to keeping your family business working from one generation to the next.

Brock CPA