Business Advisory Jacksonville FL

We enjoy learning how your business works and how we can help you grow to become more successful and profitable. We go beyond just tax advice. We can help guide you as you open your new business, advise you on what type of business entity to choose, assist you with your financing options and direct you how to best structure the ownership of your business for future success. As your business grows, Brock CPA can be there to give you advice on all your challenges, such as how to incentivize and retain key employees, bring on new owners, acquire other businesses or sell a division of your business.

Our Business Advisory services can assist you with cash flow management to ensure you never find your business in a cash crisis, with more money going out than coming in. We can develop a cash flow projection to help identify your cash needs and create a capital strategy to make your business profitable. We can make sure your operating procedures are effective and efficient and provide recommendations to make your company stronger.

Brock CPA can also help you develop a strategic business plan. This plan is a blueprint for your business. It describes your company, products, competitive environment, management team, financial health and business risks. This strategic business plan is typically needed when you are starting a business, expanding your current organization, buying a business or turning around a declining business.

Getting to know the ins and outs of your business is what we love to do and is essential to Brock CPA adding value to your business.

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